Gambling Corner 8/5

I'll take a 3-1 night. I took a chance on the Mets but they couldn't pull it out. There were a few chances in the last couple innings. How about Shane Bieber though? Another strong performance, 8 strikeouts, and the Indians come back with a big home run in the 8th from Franmil Reyes. On... Continue Reading →

Gambling Corner 8/4

Welcome back! I took a small hiatus while I was out of town this weekend for a wedding. We're back in action though with a four game play tonight. Indians -168Shane Bieber. Nothing more needs to be said. Biebs put up 8 strong innings with only three hits and thirteen strikeouts! He shutout the Twins... Continue Reading →

Gambling Corner 7/30

Another positive night in the books brings us to 5-1 overall since the restart. There was no doubt about the under in the Pirates/Brewers game. People should start looking at Brandon Woodruff as the ace of this team and one of the top pitchers in the NL. Woodruff was an all star last year, putting... Continue Reading →

Gambling Corner 7/29

We are back!!!! 3-0 night last night if you took the parlay. I should have rolled with my Buccos last night. I lost some faith in them after the heart breaking loss on Monday. I have a couple more picks for tonight. Unfortunately, they're favorites. Once the NBA and NHL get rolling the end of... Continue Reading →

Gambling Corner 7/28

Just a few quick picks tonight. If you're looking for a safe play tonight, I think there is two games on the board that can be played straight and parlayed together to make a little bit of quick cash. Twins -140Dodgers -130 Both teams are favorites tonight and I like both teams for different reasons.... Continue Reading →

Gambling Corner-June 17, 2020

I wish I could be betting on some baseball the past couple weeks. The owners have done everything to mess that one up. Let's just round up the players, make a field, and play some games for fun. In the meantime while we wait for that and the NBA and NHL to come back, I... Continue Reading →

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